Requirements for Plumbing Students


Plumbing is a recognized career, and it is a career that never runs out of demand as each home needs a plumber. If you are a handy person and you love working in the field rather than an office, you can pursue plumbing. The good thing is that you can become a professional in the field in the next two years if you start today.

Educational Requirements

To study plumbing as a career, you need a high school diploma or its equivalent, and you will be enrolled in any college of your choice. You are needed to be in class, committing at least 144 hours of study every year to get a certificate or diploma in plumbing. The course takes between two and five years depending on the level of study.


For you to earn a license, most states require between 4 and five years apprenticeship. You need to hone your skills in the industry by working for people as part of training. Within this period, you need to develop skills in customer service, mathematics, decision making, and learn how to use pressure gauges, wrenches, pullers and augers among others.

Have Passion

Most plumbers have the physical strength to deal with different aspects of the plumbing and heating system, but they also have the passion. For a plumber, passion is enough to keep them on the job for a long time.

Start Today

Before you pursue the career, you can talk to established plumbers such as Austin Plumber Online and make the final decision. You should be sure you want to join the career.


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