Our Impact

Student success is St. Paul’s success
A diverse group of students smile while wearing their backpacks.

Student Success Matters

We believe there is a moral, social and economic imperative to support student success and close the achievement gap in St. Paul. Our work is vital for students, teachers and the community.

Why It Matters for Students

Our work is grounded in the belief that all students can meet the highest of expectations when given the proper resources, support and environment. Standardized test scores reveal a significant achievement gap in St. Paul. American-Indian, Asian-American, Latino and African-American students in St. Paul have on average less than 50 percent proficiency in reading and math. We have a moral and social imperative to eliminate the achievement gap in St. Paul and help all students reach their full potential. Through our tutoring, grant making and mentoring, we seek to provide all students with the resources, support and environment they need to excel in school and in life.

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Why It Matters for Teachers

The Saint Paul Public Schools face great challenges. 71 percent of students are eligible for free and reduced-price lunch, a common indicator of poverty. For 45 percent, English is not their native language. Everyday students arrive at schools with an array of educational experiences and skills. Some are reading and doing math before they enter kindergarten, while others have never held a pencil, played number games or read books at home. Regardless of a student’s preparation for school, we must maintain high expectations and provide an education which allows and encourages all students to meet or exceed those expectations. Our grants to teachers help them implement innovative and effective projects that engage students in learning. In addition, our tutoring support complements great teaching and helps teachers meet the needs of individual students.

Why It Matters for Saint Paul

In Minnesota, education has been the cornerstone of our success. St. Paul’s motto, “the most livable city in America” has relied on our commitment to supporting the academic achievement of our students. An investment in education is an investment in the future of our job market and our economy. According to a study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, in 2018, Minnesota will lead the nation in job openings requiring postsecondary education, with 70 p[ercent of jobs requiring a college degree. However, we are in danger of a shortage of well-educated college graduates. Reading and math proficiency are needed for students to compete in a rapidly evolving economy. These skills are also required for the continued functioning of a dynamic and complex democracy. Our work to help all students succeed directly affects the future of our work force, economy, and the health and vitality of our city.

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