New Lens Urban Mentoring

New Lens Urban Mentoring Society is a partnership between Saint Paul Public Schools and the Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation. Its mentorship program is designed to address the mental, physical and social developmental needs of black males who attend the Saint Paul Public Schools.


New Lens Mentoring is a cross-generational mentorship program designed to provide black males with access and exposure to culturally congruent mentors and roles models.The program utilizes a culturally responsive curriculum, coupled with strategically planned individual and group activities designed to meet the mental, physical and social developmental needs of adolescent black males. In addition to serving boys, New Lens takes a cross-generational approach to mentoring that provides both mentees and mentors with additional positive role models, networking opportunities and elder wisdom.

Cross-generational Approach:

By collaborating with St. Paul’s historic Sterling Club, New Lens mentors are matched with elder mentors who provide personal, professional and spiritual council. The mentors will take the knowledge and skills gained through their interaction with the elders and in-turn, pass that knowledge and wisdom down to their mentees.

Curriculum and Philosophy:

The New Lens curriculum does not mirror the curriculum that students receive during the school day; it is designed as a supplement. It is geared toward developing physical and mental health while building social awareness. Through mentor-lead study sessions, students will get exposure to the world’s top black writers and scholars and will have opportunities to share thoughts and ideas with some of the state’s brightest minds.