Importance of a Clean Environment on Student Performance


Students need access to learning materials, libraries, good teachers, mentorship and other things to perform well. They also need a clean environment that fosters learning. This includes classrooms and the space at home where they study.
Research studies have alluded to the fact that the cleanliness of the school affects students’ performance in academics. The same can be said about the home environment where students study and do their homework. Here are the reasons why.


Schools, with their large population, are a fertile ground for spreading germs and illnesses. Without proper cleaning and disinfection, students can easily get sick; especially those in elementary school whose immunity is still developing. A sick child will hardly perform well no matter how well the school is equipped for teaching.

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Attendance and Concentration

As a result of sickness, attendance will be a problem. The more time students spend out of school, the poorer their performance will become. They will have a problem catching with the rest of their class if they spend too much of the time at home convalescing. An untidy environment has also been shown to be one of the leading causes of poor concentration among students in class.

Because a clean environment is so important to a child’s performance, schools must have arrangements, whether employing staff or hiring a company to clean their facilities. Since the same impact of poor concentration and sickness can be experienced in the home environment resulting in poor school attendance, it is crucial that you clean your home properly and frequently. Brighton city clean experts can assist you with this if you don’t have the time and live in the area.