Creating a Safe Learning and Working Environment in Schools


Trees are important because of the benefits associated with them. They utilize carbon dioxide and give back oxygen, provide shades where people can rest during hot sunny days, and are a source of food and medicine. In a school setup, trees can enhance the learning environment by beautifying the school, providing shelter from the sun and filtering dust and noise. They tend to have a relaxing effect on people. Though highly beneficial, trees have some negative aspects as well; making tree services including removal necessary.

Trees can provide a hiding place for pests and a path into school buildings. If left uncared for, the branches can grow widely and block windows thus affect lighting and air flow in classes. This creates an environment not fit for learning. If they are growing too close to the classroom, the competition for space as the roots develop can affect the class foundation and structure. Old and weak trees also raise safety concerns because, in case of heavy storms, they can fall, cause damage and inflict injuries or worse. Trees, therefore, need to be trimmed, pruned, treated in case of disease and pests, and removed if necessary.
Safety in Knoxville Schools

The felling or uprooting of trees is not always desirable. However, standards of landscape and school facilities, as well as safety standards, need be adhered to. If your school has trees that are likely to fall, pose a danger to students, staff and visitors, harbor pests or in any way affect the learning and working environment, it is time to get tree removal services in Denver.