Choosing a Good Student Computer


An art student will need a computer with which they will digitize their work and perform art-related research. In fact, for students, a computer comes in handy for research and assignments. It is also useful for honing their skills and learning new ones.

Students have a lot of options on the laptops they can buy. Depending on the desired features, a student can find affordable laptops. You might have to update your computer after college if you plan to use it as an art studio. Below are some points to consider when shopping.

Desktop vs. Laptop

Students prefer laptops thanks to their portability, and there are hundreds of laptops released specifically for students. However, desktops are also ideal choices for students, especially those who are shopping on a budget. A good tower gives art students great quality graphics and enough storage to act as a digital art studio.

Laptops are compact but with all needed features for an art student. Laptops are relatively expensive, but are more convenient for students than desktops. If you choose laptops, the new tablet-PC hybrid that comes with a stylus is the best as long as you have no problem with screen size.

Let your budget guide you when shopping. If you need a computer which will act as an art studio, go for the best in graphics and with a large storage.

Reading and Design Applications

While design applications might need great quality graphics and a given screen resolution, reading apps are simple and easy to install. Common reading apps needed include a PDF reader, a web browser, and a word processing app.

Design apps include MS PageMaker, CorelDraw, and Photoshop among others.
To know which computer works well with a given design app, look at the graphical requirements of the app online. This will help you choose the right computer for the job. By installing the right computer software, you are able to study with ease.

Some applications are premium while some are free. If you choose a premium software, choose those that charge a one-off fee instead of one that charges you every month. A good app should be convenient and easy to use.

Computer Accessories

You need to pick a computer that can easily be connected to other accessories such as a printer, a larger screen, another computer and a projector among others. A projector comes in handy when you need to exhibit your digital work. You can tell a computer can be connected to these accessories, if it has the necessary ports for the accessories.

As an art student, you might need to buy some of these accessories such as printers and scanners as they allow you to exhibit your work. With so many accessories, a desktop computer might be a good choice.

Buy a Computer Today

The best laptops for art students are those that offer them convenience. While a large screen is better, portability and resolution are more important. When choosing, therefore, only pick features that matter and leave what doesn’t. This way, you save money to use on accessories and other student needs.