About Us

The Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports students, teachers and schools in St. Paul.

Black schoolhouse logo with star in the center.Our History

The Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation was initially launched in 1995 as a small project managed by volunteers. For the first 10 years, the Foundation focused on making small grants to teachers. Motivated to have a greater impact on student success, community and school leaders joined together to establish a new mission for the Foundation in 2006.

The Foundation operates as a support organization of The Saint Paul Foundation and is an affiliate of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners.

We support students, teachers and schools in St. Paul through three primary programs:

  • Tutoring Partnership - A citywide network of tutoring programs that provide students with academic support during and after school.
  • Grant Making - Recognizes excellence in teaching and provides funds for unique educational opportunities for teachers and students.
  • New Lens Mentoring - A mentorship program designed to address the mental, physical and social developmental needs of black males who attend the Saint Paul Public Schools.

Our Commitment

The Foundation works effectively by focusing on its four founding commitments:

  • To champion support for public education.
  • To facilitate partnerships with the community.
  • To fund innovative projects.
  • To celebrate the success of students, teachers and schools.

Learn more about our impact and why this work matters.

Our Team

The Foundation consists of a board of directors, which oversees our staff, and a group of national service members that focus on capacity building. Partnerships are at the center of our work. Together with our partners, we are able to make a collective impact on student success in St. Paul.

Financial Documents

Download our 2013 Financial Statement and 2012 IRS Form 990 (2013 IRS Form 990 will be available soon).