A young female student is sitting at her desk trying to figure out a problem using her hands.
Student success is Saint Paul's success. Invest in academic excellence and help a student achieve proficiency in math and reading. By investing in our students, we are investing in our future. Donate
Two female students stand in front of a school bus smiling.
Give an hour a week as a volunteer tutor and make a difference in a child's life. You can help a student reach his potential and succeed in school. Learn more about our tutoring opportunities throughout the city. Volunteer
A young female student works with her tutor.
Tutoring Works! Our results show that tutoring works to improve student proficiency in math and reading. Students receiving tutoring through the Tutoring Partnership show higher academic growth. See Results


Saint Paul’s teachers are crucial to student success. The work they do in the classroom is invaluable, but only one part of the story. Great teachers – and Saint Paul has plenty – seek new knowledge and learning opportunities that they can bring back to the classroom.

East Side Learning Center combines community volunteers, personalized learning, and powerful partnerships to ensure student success.



Investing in Student Success Fundraising Breakfast

Join us to celebrate student success!

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